A Better Brand of Capitalism


At our core, Experiment Inc. is an organization in the business realm with a Kingdom mindset. We hope to use business as a means to reach the masses over making a profit. We want to incubate the next generations of business leaders with a heart for God and people. 


Short Term

  1. Get better at implementing both sides of our vision. We partner with a small team in Kenya. The reasons for this are numerous and dynamic. But one is to provide employment…good employment. We need to grow in this, both by hiring more and paying more.
  2. We need to love our current clients more. Love may seem like a strange word to use in this context, but it is what we mean. This includes becoming more aware of our client’s marketing goals and really caring about them as if they are our goals. It also means being very aware of our clients as important individuals; not just as a piece in our structure.
  3. Get AbleSource to the next level financially, developing a stronger base from which to take advantage of new opportunities.

Medium Term

  1. Dive deeper into exploring our vision more conversationally. We plan on starting a Kingdom Business podcast.
  2. Growing our network of like-minded people, hosting gatherings at our office to build synergy
  3. Expand AbleSource  & See Inside Virtual Tours into a new city
  4. Launch the third business

Long Term

  1. Entrepreneurship Incubator that partners our graduates with key contributors to launch more businesses to better accomplish our mission.